“A piece of magic is a hat”

Martha Sliter

VIVID VIOLA is a bespoke hat, made of hand-dyed parasisal straw shaped in two parts for additional height and elegance. Trimmed with eye-catching details of delicate handmade organdie flowers, blue veiling, crin and ribbons. Vivid Viola was displayed on London Hat Week Exhibition “World Garden” 2019.

SHORELINE, inspired by that space where land meets sea, has a button base of petrol blue felt. The sculptural trimming, floating over the hat, is made of hand-dyed and hand-pleated organdie in various shades of turquoise.

LAGOON is made of parasisal straw, hand-dyed to the color of the ocean. Trimmed with delicate organdie flowers and details mixed with curled turquoise feathers and velvet ribbons.

LILIUM has a small base of cream white parasisal straw. Trimmed with hand-dyed and hand-painted organdie lilies, distressed crin and a matching leaf detail of straw and pale aquamarine crin.

MARBLE is a dramatic saucer hat made of ivory parasisal straw – framed with a floral guipure lace and with a sculptural crin and straw detail at the front and back. A hat with 18th century essence and a romantic, bridal touch.

ROSE SAUVAGE is an eye-catching coral red straw hat – shaped in two parts to give it an additional sense of height. Trimmed with hand-dyed organdie roses and falling petals, distressed crin details and crin bows at the back.

CHERISE – like a cherry on top – is a tear shaped coral red straw hat – trimmed with an eye-catching sculptural crin detail that gives it a heart-shaped frame.

HENLEY – a classic boater hat in white and coral red parasisal straw, trimmed with navy blue and coral ribbons. A hat for sunny days on sandy beaches or for rowing along glittering streams.

BRISE MARINE is made of navy blue parasisal straw – trimmed with a pearl detail and straw and crin, shaped into an elegant floating sculptural detail.

EBONY is a cocktail hat made of black parasisal straw – trimmed with a variety of crin fabrics and curled black feathers with a hint of gold, shaped into a sculptural detail.