“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

William Shakespeare

CREATIVE EQUILIBRIUM – Millinery Australia Design Award 2022. A sculptural headpiece made of crin, strawbraid and millinery wire. Inspired by the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Picture by Richard Shaw.

VERA – A Bespoke headpiece made of burgundy peachbloom felt, trimmed with felt roses and hand painted silk abaca leaves.

TO LOVED ONES – winner of Hattember 2021 Millinery Category. A sculptural heart-shaped headpiece made of ruby red buntal straw, straw braid and veil.

EMMIE – A Bespoke headpiece with an eye catching, hand painted silk clover and veil.

ODESSA – a black parasisal straw headband adorned with black sinamay Calla lilies and diamond crin leaves.

TOURMENTE – a swirling navy blue sculptural headpiece made from straw braid, crin and hand shaped millinery wire.

A light and delicate headpiece with pale pink/yellow roses and rosebuds – made from hand dyed and hand shaped organdie.

GRACE – a delicate headband with soft pink organdie roses and decorative pink veiling.